2014-09-28Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Divorce - Matthew Part 38notes
2014-09-21Kevin Hausman (Pastor)The Heart - Matthew Part 37notes
2014-09-14Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Jesus Says... (cont.) - Matthew Part 36notes
2014-09-07Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Jesus Says... - Matthew Part 35notes
2014-08-31Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Obtaining Righteousness - Matthew Part 34notes
2014-08-24Kevin Hausman (Pastor)The Law (cont.) - Matthew Part 33notes
2014-08-17Kevin Hausman (Pastor)The Law - Matthew Part 32notes
2014-08-10Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Shine Your Light - Matthew Part 31notes
2014-08-03Mike Gillis (Member)Giving is an Act of Worship
2014-07-27Mike Gillis (Member)Our purpose in life is to know God and make God known
2014-07-20Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Salt and Light - Matthew Part 30notes
2014-07-13Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Persecution (cont.) - Matthew Part 29notes
2014-07-06Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Persecution - Matthew Part 28notes
2014-06-29Kevin Hausman (Pastor)God's Peace - Matthew Part 27 (No Audio)notes
2014-06-22Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Seeing God - Matthew Part 26notes
2014-06-15Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Honor Your Father and Mothernotes
2014-06-08Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Mercy - Matthew Part 25notes
2014-06-01Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Hunger and Thirst - Matthew Part 24notes
2014-05-25Scott Lynum (Pastor)Rejoice Always
2014-05-18Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Redefining Meekness - Matthew Part 23notes
2014-05-11Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Mourning - Matthew Part 22notes
2014-05-04Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Blessed - Matthew Part 21notes
2014-04-27Kevin Hausman (Pastor)He's Alive - Matthew Part 20notes
2014-04-20Kevin Hausman (Pastor)The Cross and the Resurrection - Matthew Part 19notes
2014-04-13Kevin Hausman (Pastor)The Cross - Matthew Part 18notes
2014-04-06Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Come to Jesus (cont.) - Matthew Part 17notes
2014-03-30Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Come to Jesus - Matthew Part 16notes
2014-03-23Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Galilee - Matthew Part 15notes
2014-03-16Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Temptation (cont.) - Matthew Part 14notes
2014-03-09Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Temptation - Matthew Part 13notes
2014-03-02Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Jesus's Baptism (cont.) - Matthew Part 12notes
2014-02-23Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Jesus's Baptism - Matthew Part 11notes
2014-02-16Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Wheat and Chaff - Matthew Part 10notes
2014-02-09Kevin Hausman (Pastor)True Repentance - Matthew Part 9notes
2014-02-02Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Repent! - Matthew Part 8notes
2014-01-26Kevin Hausman (Pastor)John the Baptist - Matthew Part 7notes
2014-01-19Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Prophecy - Matthew Part 6
2014-01-12Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Magi - Matthew Part 5notes
2014-01-05Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Happy New Year - Part 2notes
2013-12-29Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Happy New Yearnotes
2013-12-22Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Jesus's Birth (cont.) - Matthew Part 4notes
2013-12-15Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Jesus's Birth - Matthew Part 3notes
2013-12-08Kevin Hausman (Pastor)The Geneaology - Matthew Part 2notes
2013-12-01Kevin Hausman (Pastor)The King - Matthew Part 1notes
2013-11-24Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Giving Thanksnotes
2013-11-17Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Paul and Company - Colossians Part 21notes
2013-11-10Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Devoted to Prayer - Colossians Part 20notes
2013-11-03Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Sales and Masters - Colossians Part 19notes
2013-10-27Kevin Hausman (Pastor)New People, New Homes - Colossians Part 18notes
2013-10-20Kevin Hausman (Pastor)All That We Do - Colossians Part 17notes
2013-10-13Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Our New Clothes - Colossians Part 16notes
2013-10-06Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Put Off-Put On - Colossians Part 15notes
2013-09-29Kevin Hausman (Pastor)What Are You Feeding - Colossians Part 14notes
2013-09-22Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Where is Your Focus - Colossians Part 13notes
2013-09-15Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Jesus is All We Need - Colossians Part 12notes
2013-09-08Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Completeness - Colossians Part 11notes
2013-09-01Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Walk In Him! - Colossians Part 10notes
2013-08-25Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Strong Hearts - Colossians Part 9notes
2013-08-18Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Proclaim, Admonish and Teach - Colossians Part 8notes
2013-08-11Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Jesus In You - Colossians Part 7notes
2013-08-04Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Reconciliation - Colossians Part 6notes
2013-07-28Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Jesus Is... - Colossians Part 5notes
2013-07-21Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Thank the Father! - Colossians Part 4notes
2013-07-14Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Praying - Colossians Part 3notes
2013-07-07Kevin Hausman (Pastor)The Word of Truth - Colossians Part 2notes
2013-06-30Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Colossians - Colossians Part 1notes
2013-06-23Kevin Hausman (Pastor)By God's Amazing Gracenotes
2013-06-16Kevin Hausman (Pastor)Living Waternotes
2013-06-09Mike Gilles (Elder)Sin is Sin
2013-06-02Merle McGee (pastor)Feeding the Sheep (Reprise)
2013-05-26Merle McGee (pastor)We Will Be Excited
2013-05-19Scott Lynum (pastor)I Peter 1:13
2013-05-12Merle McGee (pastor)We Will Expect
2013-05-05Scott Lynum (pastor)Grafted to Him
2013-04-07Merle McGee (pastor)Rolling Away The Stone
2013-03-24Merle McGee (pastor)Sitting with the Savior - Disciples Part IV
2013-03-17Merle McGee (pastor)Sitting with the Savior - Disciples Part III
2013-03-10Merle McGee (pastor)Sitting with the Savior - Disciples Part II
2013-03-03Merle McGee (pastor)Sitting with the Savior - Disciples Part I
2013-02-24Scott Lynum (pastor)Make Up Your Mind
2013-02-17Merle McGee (pastor)Pursuing Holiness Part VI
2013-02-10Merle McGee (pastor)Pursuing Holiness - Part V
2013-02-03Merle McGee (pastor)Pursuing Holiness Part IV
2013-01-20Merle McGee (pastor)Pursuing Holiness Part III
2013-01-13Merle McGee (pastor)Pursuing Holiness Part II
2013-01-06Merle McGee (pastor)Pursuing Holiness Part I
2012-12-23Merle McGee (pastor)Advent - A Season In Song Part IV - O' Come All Ye Fai
2012-12-16Merle McGee (pastor)Advent - A Season In Song Part III - O' Holy Night
2012-12-09Merle McGee (pastor)Advent - A Season In Song Part II - O Little Town of B
2012-12-02Merle McGee (pastor)Advent - A Season In Song Part I - O' Come Emmanuel
2012-11-25Merle McGee (pastor)Living Free Part IV - Being Secure In God
2012-11-18Merle McGee (pastor)Living Free Part III - Waiting For the Glory of God
2012-11-11Merle McGee (pastor)Living Free Part II - Spirited Sons
2012-11-04Merle McGee (pastor)Living Free Part I - Leaving the Bird Cage
2012-10-28Merle McGee (pastor)Holy Ground
2012-10-21Merle McGee (pastor)Developing Your Serve
2012-10-07Merle McGee (pastor)Transformation Part VI - A New Spine
2012-09-30Merle McGee (pastor)Transformation Part V - Transforming Our Hands
2012-09-23Merle McGee (pastor)Transformation Part IV - Power of the Tongue
2012-09-16Merle McGee (pastor)Transformation Part III - Ears To God
2012-09-09Merle McGee (pastor)Transformation Part II - Reminding Yourself Whose You A
2012-09-02Merle McGee (pastor)Transformation Part I - Matters of the Heart
2012-08-19Merle McGee (pastor)Dropping Your Guard - Part III
2012-08-12Merle McGee (pastor)Dropping Your Guard - Part II
2012-08-05Merle McGee (pastor)Dropping Your Guard - Part I
2012-07-22Merle McGee (pastor)What Makes Me Think There Is A Hell - Part III
2012-07-15Elder Mike Gilles (pastor)The Mystery Message
2012-07-08Merle McGee (pastor)What Makes Me think There Is A Hell - Part II
2012-07-01Merle McGee (pastor)What Makes Me Think There Is A Hell - Part I
2012-06-24Merle McGee (pastor)Bearing Fruit
2012-06-17Elder Mike Gilles (pastor)No Greater Love
2012-06-10Elder Mike Gilles (pastor)Prayer
2012-06-03Merle McGee (pastor)Shema On You
2012-05-27Merle McGee (pastor)Gentile Canaanite Woman
2012-05-20Merle McGee (pastor)Crying Woman Sinner
2012-05-13Merle McGee (pastor)A Mother's Influence
2012-05-06Merle McGee (pastor)Rich Young Ruler
2012-02-05Merle McGee (pastor)Building Blocks of a Heathy Church - Admonish One Anoth
2012-01-29Merle McGee (pastor)Building Blocks of a Heathy Church - Accept One Another
2012-01-22Merle McGee (pastor)Building Blocks of a Heathy Church - Same Mind
2012-01-15Merle McGee (pastor)Building Blocks of a Heathy Church - Honor One Another
2011-08-28Merle McGee (pastor)Ten Commandments - Part IV
2011-08-21Merle McGee (pastor)Being A Soldier for Christ - Part III
2011-08-14Merle McGee (pastor)Being A Soldier for Christ - Part II
2011-08-07Merle McGee (pastor)Being A Soldier for Christ - PartI
2011-07-31GCF Youth Group (Teens)Lifest Teen Testimonies
2011-07-24Merle McGee (pastor)Ten Commandments II - What's In A Name
2011-07-17Merle McGee (pastor)May It Never Be
2011-07-10Merle McGee (pastor)Elders Personal Testimonies
2011-07-03Merle McGee (pastor)Ten Commandments - Part I
2011-06-26Merle McGee (pastor)I Want You For Myself
2011-06-19Mike Gilles (Elder)Enough Is Enough
2011-06-12Mike Gilles (Elder)The Bible, Truth or Fiction
2011-06-05Merle McGee (Pastor)Time to Build - Part IV - With This Ring
2011-05-29Merle McGee (pastor)Time to Plant III - Be Holy and Plant
2011-05-22Merle McGee (pastor)Time to Plant II - I Am With You
2011-05-15Merle McGee (pastor)Time to Plant I - Give Careful Thought
2011-05-01Scott Lynum (pastor)Staying Put
2011-04-24Merle McGee (pastor)Being Boxed In
2011-04-17Merle McGee (pastor)The King Comes
2011-04-10Merle McGee (pastor)Redeemed By the Blood
2011-04-03Merle McGee (pastor)The Lamb of God
2011-03-20Merle McGee (pastor)Sec. IX - From Here To Eternity
2011-02-20Merle McGee (pastor)Sec. VI - Nice Things To Know
2011-02-13Merle McGee (pastor)Sec. V - Sure Signs of Growth
2011-02-06Merle McGee (pastor)Sec. IV - A New Way of Speaking
2011-01-23Merle McGee (pastor)Sec. III - Sizing Up the Enemy
2011-01-16Merle McGee (pastor)Sec. II - Back to the Basics
2011-01-02Merle McGee (pastor)One Minute Bible - Getting on the Same Page
2010-10-10Merle McGee (pastor)That's All I Know - Part IV - I Know Whom I Believe
2010-10-03Merle McGee (pastor)That's All I Know - Part III - His Grace Is Sufficient
2010-09-19Merle McGee (pastor)That's All I Know - Part II - My Redeemer Lives
2010-09-12Merle McGee (pastor)That's All I Know Part I - Now I See
2010-09-05Merle McGee (pastor)Doctrine For Dummies Part IV - Sanctification
2010-08-22Merle McGee (pastor)Doctrine For Dummies Part III - Nothing But The Blood o
2010-08-15Mike Gilles (Elder)The Gospel of John -The Salvation Message
2010-08-08Merle McGee (pastor)Doctrine for Dummies - Part II - Justification
2010-08-01Merle McGee (pastor)Doctrine For Dummies I - Righteousness
2010-07-18Merle McGee (pastor)Prayer of Jesus Part III - Prayer for the Church
2010-07-11Merle McGee (pastor)Prayer of Jesus Part II - For the Disciples
2010-07-04Merle McGee (pastor)Jesus Prayer - Part I - "Now Is The Hour"
2010-06-27Congregation (pastor)Family Service - Prayer
2010-06-13Mike Gilles (Elder)The Gospel of John - The Diety of Jesus
2010-05-02Merle McGee (pastor)The Traits of a Church Who Won't Die - Part II - Smyrna
2010-04-25Scott Lynum (American Fellow)Our Waymaker
2010-04-18Merle McGee (pastor)Traits of a Church Who Won't Die - Part I - Keeping the
2010-04-11Merle McGee (pastor)A Whale's Tale - Jonah
2010-04-04Merle McGee (pastor)Who Sent My Jesus to the Cross? Part V - NoBody
2010-03-28Merle McGee (pastor)Who Sent My Jesus to the Cross? Part IV - The Crowd
2010-03-21Merle McGee (pastor)Who Sent My Jesus To the Cross - Part III - Pilate
2010-03-14Merle McGee (pastor)Who Sent My Jesus to the Cross? - Part II - Herod
2010-03-07Merle McGee (pastor)Who Sent My Jesus to the Cross? - Part I Caiaphas
2010-02-28Merle McGee (pastor)Transforming a House Into a Home
2010-02-21Merle McGee (pastor)Settling Down
2010-02-14Merle McGee (pastor)Building a Spiritual House
2009-12-20Merle McGee (pastor)Try Me - You'll Like It
2009-12-13Merle McGee (pastor)Today Is Born
2009-11-22Merle McGee (pastor)Abraham - The Test
2009-11-15Merle McGee (pastor)Jephthah - Let's Make a Deal
2009-11-08Merle McGee (pastor)Gideon - Fleecing God
2009-11-01Merle McGee (pastor)Rahab - The Harlot - Ancestor of the King
2009-10-25Mike Gilles (elder)Live Like You're Dying
2009-10-18Merle McGee (pastor)What Did We Miss?
2009-10-11Merle McGee (pastor)What Have You Done To Show Me?
2009-10-04Merle McGee (pastor)Minding Our Own Business
2009-09-27Merle McGee (pastor)Walking Our Talknotes
2009-09-20Merle McGee (pastor)Feed My Sheepnotes
2009-09-13Merle McGee (pastor)Walking On Waternotes
2009-09-06Merle McGee (pastor)Grabbing His Hand -notes only-
2009-08-30Merle McGee (pastor)Can We Talk?notes
2009-08-23Merle McGee (pastor)Fear of Failurenotes
2009-08-16Merle McGee (pastor)Revealing the Secrets of Godnotes
2009-08-09Merle McGee (pastor)Guilt and Shame
2009-08-02Merle McGee (pastor)Laying Down the Poisonnotes
2009-07-26Merle McGee (pastor)Faithing Our Fearsnotes
2009-07-19Merle McGee (pastor)Driving Out The Giants In Our Livesnotes
2009-07-12Merle McGee (pastor)The Giants In Our Livesnotes
2009-07-05Merle McGee (pastor)Growing in God's Gracenotes
2009-06-28Merle McGee (pastor)Lord of the Harvestnotes
2009-06-21Merle McGee (pastor)A Happy Father's Day to Godnotes
2009-06-14Mike Gilles (elder)What Does The Church Look Like?
2009-06-07Merle McGee (pastor)Knowing Who We Arenotes
2009-05-31Merle McGee (pastor)Don't Worry, Be Happy -part 4notes
2009-05-24Merle McGee (pastor)Becoming Mighty Men of Valornotes
2009-05-17Merle McGee (pastor)Don't Worry, Be Happy -part 3notes
2009-05-10Merle McGee (pastor)Don't Worry, Be Happy -part 2notes
2009-05-03Merle McGee (pastor)Don't Worry, Be Happy -part 1notes
2009-04-26Merle McGee (pastor)Celebration Sundaynotes
2009-04-19Merle McGee (pastor)Denying His Destiny - Judasnotes
2009-04-12Merle McGee (pastor)Denying His Destinynotes
2009-04-05Merle McGee (pastor)Why The Celebrationnotes
2009-03-29Merle McGee (pastor)Stooping Down To Save Gracenotes
2009-03-22Jim Wheeler (member)A Measuring Sticknotes
2009-03-15Merle McGee (pastor)Created to Bear Fruitnotes
2009-03-08Merle McGee (pastor)Beating the Heatnotes
2009-03-01Merle McGee (pastor)What's In A Name?notes
2009-02-22Merle McGee (pastor)Doing The Best With What You Havenotes
2009-02-15Jim Wheeler (elder)John 3.16notes
2009-02-08Merle McGee (pastor)A Love Story From Godnotes
2009-02-01Merle McGee (pastor)It Don't Get Better Than This!notes
2009-01-25Merle McGee (pastor)The More Better Priesthood of Christnotes
2009-01-18Merle McGee (pastor)The More Better Person of Christnotes
2009-01-11Merle McGee (pastor)YES Jesus Love Menotes
2009-01-04Merle McGee (pastor)Practice Makes Perfectnotes
2008-12-28Merle McGee (pastor)The Stones of Joshua
2008-12-21Merle McGee (pastor)Has He Really Come?
2008-12-14Merle McGee (pastor)Joseph, Your Wife Will Bear the Savior
2008-12-07Merle McGee (pastor)Mary, You Will Bear the Savior - How can This be?
2008-11-30Merle McGee (pastor)Angelic Announcements: You Must Be Kidding!
2008-11-16Merle McGee (pastor)Being Real pt 2
2008-11-09Merle McGee (pastor)Being Real
2008-11-02Merle McGee (pastor)The Hall Closet
2008-10-26Merle McGee (pastor)The Bedroom
2008-10-19Merle McGee (pastor)The Recreation Room
2008-10-12Merle McGee (pastor)The Living Room
2008-10-05Merle McGee (pastor)The Dining Room
2008-09-28Merle McGee (pastor)Our Study
2008-09-21Merle McGee (pastor)The Antagonists
2008-09-14Merle McGee (pastor)A Half Bubble off Level
2008-09-07John James (guest)Village Missions Update
2008-08-31Merle McGee (pastor)Everybody Has a Story
2008-08-24Mike Gilles (elder)Godly Humility
2008-08-17Merle McGee (pastor)We Will Be Excited
2008-08-10Merle McGee (pastor)We Will Expect
2008-08-03Merle McGee (pastor)We Will Be Holy and Model HIM
2008-07-27Merle McGee (pastor)We Will Give Hope
2008-07-20Merle McGee (pastor)We Will Come Out Of Our Comfort Zone
2008-07-13Merle McGee (pastor)We Will Dance - I Love a Parade
2008-07-12Merle McGee (pastor)Summer Sermon Series -Flyer
2008-07-06Merle McGee (pastor)Feeding The Sheep - Your Job / My Job
2008-06-29Dawn Tuovila (member)Testimony
2008-06-22Mike Gilles (elder)Be Not Conformed -Be Transformed!
2008-06-15Jim Wheeler (elder)Our Father's Day
2008-06-08Jim Wheeler (elder)James 5 - Pray Effectively
2008-06-01Jim Wheeler (elder)James 5 - Patience
2008-05-25Michele Godmere (member)Testimony
2008-05-18Jim Wheeler (elder)James 5 - Stewardship
2008-05-11Jim Wheeler (elder)The Father's Love
2008-05-04Patty Tuovila (member)Testimony (N/A)
2008-04-27Jim Wheeler (elder)James 4 - Desire God's Will
2008-04-20Jim Wheeler (elder)James 4 - Submit to God
2008-04-13Jim Wheeler (elder)James 3 - Wisdom
2008-04-08Karen Mattfolk (member)Testimony (N/A)
2008-01-28Mike Gilles (elder)Do You Deserve A Break Today?
2007-12-30Mike Gilles (elder)No Resolutions, Just Commitment
2007-12-23Mike Gilles (elder)Saying Yes To God
2007-09-30Mike Gilles (elder)Forgiveness
2004-03-01Shane Godmere (member)Taking Responsibility
2003-11-30Shane Godmere (member)Thanksgiving

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